June 04, 2005

Weeding the Pepper Bed

Weeding is not something that I take a great deal of joy in, but then I imagine that most people find it tedious. Still, it needs to be done from time to time. I put in around 10 minutes pulling all the seedling vines and grasses that have sprouted up in my pepper bed over the past month or two. It is now clear. More of my pepper plants are forming pods. It is nice to see that they are all doing well, even the little Tepin Chile that I was so worried about.

Easy weeding is one of the best things about square foot gardening. Since the beds are raised and contained, weeds tend to not get a foot hold in your soil and when a few do, they are very easy to remove. Mel Barthlomew recommends weeding once a week, but I find that I generally only have to do it once a month and then it is a simple task of minutes.

There is still no sign of the pepper plants that I had ordered from the Chile Woman. I spoke with the owner of my mail box provider yesterday. He is aware that live plants are being shipped and he has placed my number inside my box as a reminder to call me once they arrive. He assures me that FedEx knows HIS address and won't mistakenly deliver my plants to a stranger. I just hope that they make it. I have no idea when they were shipped or how long the transit time is going to take. All I can do is wait.

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