June 17, 2005

Plant Box Arrives

The box of pepper plants that I had ordered last May magically appeared on my doorstep. No signature was required this time...and I don't even know if FedEx delivered it or not. The box had been opened and then taped shut with the words "Not for Landis" written in black marker over the top. The box was very beat up as if it had been smashed in a few times.

When I opened the box, there was a bit of dust, the invoice, six plastic pots...and otherwise an empty box. I think that whoever had taken my box must have stolen the plants and then waited a long time for FedEx to pick up the box for redelivery...or more likely, walked the box to my porch since they knew that I wasn't home. The stinking thevies.

I am very disheartened over ordering plants via the mail. I've asked for my money back and I don't think that I will ever buy a plant in this manner again.

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