December 18, 2004

Garden Cleanup

I've been doing some garden cleanup in the pepper beds. The vines that my neighbors grow are coming through the fence and clogging up my raised beds. I've cleared some of it out this morning.

My Blushing Beauty Bell has a few peppers on it and so do the fresno peppers that I have wintering in the bed. I will harvest them in a few days. I'd like the bells to get fully red first. There is a large cluster of green fresnos out there too. I'll have breakfast hot peppers through December.

December 07, 2004

Opening Day in the Pepper Garden

After losing my garden blog at Ujournal, I have decided to revamp and start a new garden journal here at blogger. This time, I am going to consentrate my blog on my chile pepper hobby. I've been growing chiles at home for two years now and really enjoy it. There are hundreds of peppers to choose from and each has its own unique flavor. I find that home grown peppers are sweeter and firmer and make my home cooking into a true joy.

There is not much to report in a garden journal at this time of year. My garden is laying fallow at the moment as the first of the winter storms start to come through here in Southern California. All I can do is plan next year's bounty and start to gather up equipment for my third year.

More will follow....welcome to the journal.