June 02, 2005

Still No Chile Plants in Sight

I heard back from the Chile Woman about my missing plants. It seems that FedEx did deliver my box of plants and it was signed for...but it was delivered to the wrong house. So basically, some stranger signed for my package and then took off with it. I have no idea who the culprit was, but I'm very angry over this. My house is clearly marked with its number. There is no reason for them to be dropping off packages "with the neighbors".

Unfortunately, many of the peppers that I ordered are no longer available for reshipment...whenever the reshipment is. I'm growing a bit depressed over the whole situation. I'd been so looking forward to trying these new chiles I've been hearing about, but I missed out on them all the way across the board at several nurseries, the arboretum and now my last chance, the mail order company. I'm thinking about making another run to my local Armstrong nursery. I don't have much hope in finding anything this late in the game, but I would love to have cherry bombs in my garden if I can find them.

Next year, I don't think that I can rely on finding plants. I will have to start seeds and get my plants that way. I'm not going to go through all this again.

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