June 22, 2005

Connecting a Timer to the Soaker Hose System

Connecting a timer to your soaker hose system should not be a problem. However, I'm just one woman. First, I had to have my husband remove the soaker hose from the facet since I was not strong enough to do so. Then hooking the timer to the hose and the facet proved to be a challenge that was only solved by a stern twist of a pair of pilars. However, after being sprayed with water a few times, I finally got the timer set to water my pepper bed once a day for 30 minutes. Fortunately, the battery that I had placed in it last year is still working.

Above is a general photo of my full pepper bed with all of this year's peppers planted and caged. There is wonderful growth on my fresno peppers, they must have grown a few inches this week alone. I credit the hot summer days and the bright sunlight. The peppers love that sort of thing as much as my roses!

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