June 11, 2005

New Pepper Plants

Since the peppers that I ordered from the chile woman never arrived, I am faced with the fact that I have additional pepper space available in my garden and no peppers for it. I drove back to Roger's Gardens on the off chance that they would have pepper plants even this late in the season.

I was delighted to discover that they had one "cherry bomb" plant left!!! I also bought a sweet japanese pepper and a "red beauty" bell pepper. I understand that the red beauties are very, very sweet and with large pods. A good replacement for the blushing beauty I was not able to locate this year. I am debating if I will replace the california wonder pepper that hasn't set any fruit as yet...and was never a favorite choice of bell in the first place, or just put the red beauty at the end of the bed where my chile woman peppers were supposed to go since I do have the space available.

More of my pepper plants are starting to set fruit. The gypsy bells are forming, the purple beauty bell, and my fresnos. The rest are still growing and looking healthy, just no pods as yet. It is going to be interesting to see what my garden produces this year. So far, I am pleased with the spacing and how my plants are staying upright without staking.

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