May 30, 2005

Chile Plants Lost in the Mail

It is official. My package from the Chile Woman has been lost in the mail. I have been very angry with the post office over this. There have been mis-labeled tags left in my mail box and other issues. I have emailed the chile woman about the situation and hope to hear from her after the holiday is over about reshipping my order. It is not her fault that my local post office can't seem to do their job.

My constant disappointments with finding the chile seedlings that I want has taken a toll on my contentment with my chile growing hobby. I need to start my own seeds in January instead of relying on buying plants and get my specialty chiles in that manner. It is less expensive to go this route and easier to get the seeds than to get live plants. I will start to watch the garden centers for sales on seed starting cels and find a waterbed heater with temperature control to use next winter.

Hopefully, seeds will come my way via the chilehead exchange that I belong to. I don't have much to offer in exchange, but perhaps a few people will take pity on me and send a dozen seeds my way here and there if I pick up the postage.

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