June 12, 2011

Garden Update

I decided to not start my Salsa Garden during 2011. Between freelance writing and my small business my gardening time has been greatly curtailed. I'm on the road quite a bit and find that I can't find the time to so much as go to the nursery to buy seedlings, much less tend to a little square foot garden. My posts here on the salsa garden blog will be very much absent this year.

I've allowed the two little garden patches to go "fallow" as it were. I keep the weeds out now and then. I have put all my gardening tools and supplies away in the shed. Strangely enough, my one scotch bonnet chile plant refuses to die. I have not so much as watered the plant and it continues to put out leaves and hang in there. I don't have any harvest-able chiles on it as yet, but perhaps it will surprise me as the summer months continue.

I do miss having a fresh supply of exotic chiles to cook with though. Perhaps next year I will return to my little square foot garden plots and start anew.

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ZZ's Garden said...

Hope to see you next year.