February 11, 2010

Manzano Chiles

I discovered that my local grocery got in a shipment of Manzano Chiles over the holidays and I bought around 15 of them to stow away in my freezer. Manzanos are similar in heat to habaneros, but have a sweet, citrus finish that is very distinctive. You only use one at a time, like the habs, so what I purchased should last me a good year.

I'm planning on using them to make jerk chicken, jamacian spicy lamb and a few other dishes.

Meanwhile, I'm sad to say that I lost all my chile plants this year. It has been a far colder winter than anyone can remember and my overwintering efforts were in vain. In a way though, this is not a bad thing. It will allow me to start from scratch this coming spring. I think that this next year I want to grow more bells, milder chiles and perhaps only one very hot chile that I can dry and powder. I'd also like to grow a few more herbs to flesh out my little salsa garden.

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Anonymous said...

My chilies did not fair well either I finally pulled up the last sick looking plants today. I will be scoping out the varieties available at this years CSUF plant sale in March and also ordered some interesting varieties from Amishland Heirloom Seeds. Good luck! I am amazed that I am still harvesting tomotoes (paste variety) from the plants I bought at last years sale.