April 16, 2009

Blushing Beauties

I happened to be at our local feed store when I glanced into their gardening plant section. They had a pair of blushing beauty pepper plants, both of a good healthy size, for sale. I snatched them for my garden. These are the only peppers that I've purchased for the garden this year. I went to my annual Monster Tomato and Pepper Sale at the Fullerton Arboretum this March, but all the peppers had sold out in the first few hours of the sale...all 10K of them! Due to work, I will not be able to go to Greenscene this year either, so I figured that I was not going to be able to buy pepper plants this year.

My garden is a total wreck right now. I did not go out and weed at all this winter and the wandering jew plant has completely overgrown my raised beds. This plant is on my neighbor's property and left unchecked, overruns my property each year. I managed to save most of my pepper plants from last year, we had a mild winter and only two or three of my pepper plants died. So perhaps I don't need to plant all that much this spring. I had lost all of my belle though, so the two ultra sweet and crisp blushing beauties will be a welcome addition to my garden.

I'll post more as my schedule permits! I do intend on gardening again this year as I normally do, although perhaps in a more scaled back fashion since I am back in college and continuing to run my small business. My free time is simply not what it was in past years.

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