March 23, 2008

Garden Shed

The new addition to my garden this spring is a garden shed! It is six feet tall and almost 5 feet wide. It is a combination of shelves and a "broomcloset" to store tall garden tools out of the rain and weather. The shed is made of sturdy plastic and should keep my tools, pots and plant foods dry and more accessible to the garden. I am looking forward to getting all my gardening toys out of the garage at last.

We purchased the shed at OSH hardware about a week ago, however when we attempted to bring it home, we discovered that it was too large to fit in our SUV. We were forced to leave the shed at the hardware store while we figured out how we were going to get it home. After discussing the problem that evening, we concluded that the best way would be rent a U-haul trailer and pull it home. On Saturday, we got a 5x8 open trailer and went back to OSH with our pickup ticket for the shed. The workers there loaded the shed onto the trailer and it fit perfectly inside laying face down. We left the box it came in at the hardware store, and made sure that the back of the shed was on the floor of the trailer to prevent scratching up the visible surfaces. It was a bumpy drive home. The trailer is very light and even a small bump in the road made it bounce. I kept my speed under 40mph the entire way home because of this.

Once we got the shed home, we waited for my husband's friend to arrive and the two men hauled the garden shed into our backyard and positioned it next to the house. They used the gravel of my paths to make the shed level and it seems as if it was always meant to be there. I had measured the space that the shed was going to go into before we purchased it, so I knew that it would fit, but I had neglected to measure the size of the gate opening. We got lucky and the shed was able to squeeze in.

The shed still needs to have its door handles put on and a lock will need to be purchased for it before I can start to store things inside it. While I am not planning on storing anything of value in the shed, thieves have been known to enter backyards and take off with the strangest things in my neighborhood. Plus, since I will be storing fertilizer and other chemicals there, I feel it is safer to keep it locked from small fingers that might be visiting my home.

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