October 18, 2005

Thunder Storms

My gardens have been besieged by heavy rains for the past two days. For the first time that my husband and I could remember, lightning has struck the street in front of our house. The following thunder was louder than ever. We didn't worry about it. Our house is properly grounded and therefore safe. While we waited for the satellite tv to come back, I made a pot of tea and sat outside to watch nature's show.

Today in the gardens, I am witnessing my roses putting out an abundance of new canes and buds and to my delight, more bell peppers are ripening out on my plants. I have three purple bells and two red bells that should be ready for harvest shortly. While this doesn't seem like much, it is more than enough to supplement our dinners and lunches for the next two weeks. I don't grow to put food away, I grow to enjoy fresh produce in addition to what I purchase at the supermarket. I should be able to continue my limited harvesting all the way through December.

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