January 16, 2005

The Joy of Fresno Peppers

It was a joy to discover a few ripe fresno peppers in my raised bed this morning. I harvested one for my breakfast. Unfortunately, the pepper was not very hot. I fear that there is not enough heat and sun during the winter to give the chile its bite. I might go ahead and take the last few peppers out of the bed in the next week or two. It is time to start getting my gardens ready for planting in late February.

I have tentively decided to NOT hire a clean up crew for the backyard and side yards and to do the work myself. There are many plants that I want to purchase to add to the color pallet and to make the yard more lush this year. If I pay for the cleanup to be done, I might not have funds for the plants and I certainly would not have funds to get the cement work done. Besides, there is a certain pleasure in doing the work myself.


sherigirl said...

I have a new raised organic garden and planted the fresno chili. The chili actually grew to about an inch to two inches and turned black. It never turned red. Am I using too much water?

indigogarden said...

I don't think that it is the water. You need time and sunshine to create a red chile.

I think that the black color might be a disease of some kind. I have had plants that had the chiles turn black and nothing I did changed that. I removed them and made sure that they were not composted back into the garden. My replacement plants did not turn black.